Interim Management

Are these your challenges?

  • Analyze ongoing processes and identify optimization potential
  • Analyze process performance
  • Develop and evaluate strategies and solutions
  • Reconciling the requirements of a heterogeneous stakeholder group
  • Specify and prioritize requirements
  • Planning and evaluation of investment projects (ROI), as well as calculating a business case
  • Build a bridge between users and IT

As an experienced business analyst, I can support you in this

  • I am an analytical thinker with a quick grasp and high empathy.
  • I communicate at eye level, regardless of whether my counterpart is a warehouse clerk or a manager, in order to understand the business requirements.
  • I think unconventionally to find ideas for new solutions.
  • I can also calculate to evaluate the alternatives.
  • My training as a systemic coach helps me to find a consensus even when stakeholders have competing interests.
  • And last but not least, I have suitable methods to make new business concepts understandable to those who will implement them.
Tonio Grawe

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