Estlcam Shield is a small PCB that sits on an Arduino Uno and helps to connect a CNC machine’s components for the use with the Estlcam software.

Featurs of the Estlcam Shield (version 1.0) include:

  • Connectors for up  to 4 stepper motor drivers
  • Duplication of 1 axis (for example when having 2 motors on the Y axis)
  • Connectors for up to 6 end switches; with capacitor to filter noise
  • Connector for sensor; with capacitor to filter noise
  • Connector for fault input; with capacitor to filter noise
  • 12V power regulator (for a fan or relays)
  • Connector for a relay card (to switch spindle, cooler etc.)

Open Source Hardware

Estlcam Shield is Open Source Hardeware and is released with Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0). That means that the creator of the shield, Tonio Grawe, allows and encourages you to use the design to produce the shield for your own use or sell it free of charge. The design and the supporting documentation and files are provided without any warranty. Beside the documentation on the pages here I can’t provide further support to you.


Version History

1.0 published on Feb 12, 2017

Feedback Wanted

Hey, this is open source hardware and receiving feedback is the only motivation for making it public. So please twitter about it or leave a comment here. As a user, producer or vendor… let me know what you do with the shield.

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  1. Hallo Herr Grawe,
    Danke für die gute Platine.
    Bei mir gibt es paar PCBs übrig ( habe ich im China bestellt) – so wenn jemanden braucht, könne Sie mein E-mail Adresse geben.
    Beste Grüße aus Dortmund

  2. p.s.
    V FI356 :: Kühlkörper für Gehäuse TO-220,9,9K/W
    passt nicht zum Layout – zu Groß.

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